An embeddable email editor for your business

Grant your users an opportunity to build fascinating emails with no HTML coding expenses.

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Create emails right on your website

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user interface customization options


ready-made blocks for fast email building

HTML code editor

There are no requirements to the code of the templates. You can easily import any code and edit it in the visual editor. Create majestic emails quickly and effortlessly.

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Template processors & MergeTags support

Personalize your emails for better engagement: “Hello, {first_name}!”. Our plugin also supports conditions and cycles in visual mode.

AI assistant

It will help you create subject lines and preheaders for emails, translate the text, generate content, proofread the copy and create personalized offers, taking into account user psychology for more effective campaigns.

Provide users with ready-made solutions

Our plugin is shipped with a gallery of email templates and content blocks. You can also create your own gallery.


Work with images

The AI generator will create images according to your request. Our plugin offers a user-friendly built-in image editor. Plus, you can quickly find and use stock photos instead of browsing the web for them.

Unlimited countdown timer

Add countdown timers to your emails and boost your launch promotions, discounts, and sales.


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How to embed our plugin into your product


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Custom UI styles
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Creating custom blocks
Access to the template galleryLimitedUnlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blocks plugin?

It is a special embeddable version of Blocks — a no-code email builder. You integrate the plugin into your app to let users create & edit emails directly in your platform. Our plugin is written in JavaScript and works as a website component providing a user-friendly interface for email creation process with no need to leave your app.

Who may need Blocks plugin?

Our embeddable no-code email editor is a perfect tool for any company that requires a powerful email builder integrated into their product or processes. It’s a go-to solution for the businesses connected with email sending, CRM systems, or needs to speed up its email production process. Our plugin is widely used by ESPs, CRM systems, webinar hosting platforms, recommendation systems, and for corporate email newsletters.

How does plugin work?

It is an embeddable JavaScript component. The object and the result of the editing process is the HTML code of an email that doesn’t require any special processing (in most cases).

The embeddable email editor is highly-flexible and allows to:

  • Customize the visual appearance styles
  • Integrate custom components
  • Use custom fonts or merge tags
  • Set up your own external image storage
  • Use integrated AI tools: a text assistant and an image generator

You can fine tune the editor for the specific requirements of your product or business processes.

Where do I start?

Send us a request for plugin integration. We will contact you, help you plan the integration, put it into action, and est the result to make sure everything works smoothly.

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