Hauntingly Good Halloween Templates to Delight Your Audience

Looking for some bone-chilling Halloween email templates? Well, you came to the right crypt! Look through our selection of creepy Halloween email templates and pick those that tingle your soul. But don’t forget that if you make your choice, there’s no way back… just joking:) Also don’t forget to customize the template in Blocks no-code editor and read more about the importance of well-crafted Halloween email templates from the text below.

Halloween is a holiday with the roots going deep down into humanity’s history. Nowadays Halloween offers businesses a great opportunity to connect with their customers as lots of them like this feeling of a creepy late autumn atmosphere.One of the ways to a successful communication is crafting a Halloween email campaign. In this article, we discuss the significance of Halloween email templates, share advice on how to design an effective Halloween email template, and list some common mistakes to avoid when creating Halloween email templates. Buckle up for the bone-chilling ride!

5 Reasons Why Halloween Email Templates are Important

1. Stand Out

As Halloween is a popular holiday, many businesses will be sending out emails related to the occasion. It’s logical to grab the opportunity and join other companies on Halloween. This is where Halloween email templates will help your business save your time while standing out from the crowd and grabbing the attention of your audience.

2. Increase Engagement 

Halloween email templates can be of great help to increase engagement with your audience. They offer a fun, atmospheric, and festive way to connect with your customers, possibly leading to the increase of open, click-through, and conversion rates.

3. Build Brand Awareness

You can use Halloween email templates to increase & improve your brand awareness. Incorporate your brand’s colors, logo, and messaging into the design. Make it yours. It is a great way of building brand recognition and recall.

halloween email template by surreal

4. Promote Seasonal Products 

Halloween is a holiday directly connected with autumn.That’s a great opportunity to use Halloween email templates to promote seasonal products or services that are relevant to the holiday. This can help drive sales and revenue for your business. But don’t overstress it. 

halloween email with the stranger things tv series t-shirts

5. Foster Relationships 

People love Halloween. Kids enjoy trick-or-treating from door to door, adults watch their favorite horror movies at night. Halloween email templates can help foster relationships with your audience by offering a fun and relatable way to connect with them. This can help increase loyalty for your brand.

Advice for Designing an Effective Halloween Email

We understood why Halloween email templates are effective. Now we need to understand how we can write a copy for an effective Halloween email template and design it. Here’s a list of our personal advice for it:

1. Use seasonal colors and graphical content

Incorporating seasonal colors such as orange, black, and purple creates an instant association with Halloween. As well as graphical content such as pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, bats, and witches are the basic images for any Halloween email template. But don’t be afraid (pun intended) to experiment. Maybe add recognizable characters from the mass culture or incorporate some hommages to the popular movies, TV shows or books. Be creative. This can help set the tone for the holiday and make your email more festive.

2. Keep it simple

It is an essential rule for any email template, including Halloween email templates. Avoid cluttering the design of your Halloween email template with tons of decals and colors. Keep the design simple and focused on the message of your email.

3. Use animation (but don’t go over the top)

Animations (GIF or MP4) are a great way to draw attention to your Halloween email and the message in it. Consider incorporating animations into your Halloween email template to make it more engaging and eye-catching. But keep in mind that some of your recipients may have slow Internet connection, so don’t bloat the animation file. Remember, it can help increase open and click-through rates, but it also can make your email too big to open quickly.

4. Make it mobile-friendly

This advice draws the line below the two previous advice. All of the elements in your Halloween email template have to be optimized for mobile devices. A large percentage of email opens occur on mobile devices, so it’s important to make sure that your email looks great on all resolutions.

5. Include a clear CTA

End your Halloween email template with a clear call-to-action: invite the customers to take advantage of a special offer (a promocode with a discount, for example) or encourage them to visit your website to see a special selection of products and services. Your CTA should be clear and concise.

Advice for Writing an Effective Halloween Email Copy

  • Be festive 

Use a festive tone in your Halloween email copy. You can also add some atmosphere to your festivity. All in all, Halloween is one of the holidays we love for its feeling and atmosphere. This move can help make the email more engaging and fun for your audience.

  • Be clear and straight to the point

Keep your Halloween email copy clear and concise. Focus on the main message of your email and avoid getting too wordy. Achieve the balance between the message and the outer decoration so to say. 

  • Resort to Halloween language

Incorporating Halloween-related language such as “spooky,” “scary,”, “creepy”, “bone-chilling”, etc. into your Halloween email copy will bring more life into it. It will help set the tone for the holiday and make your email more sincere.

  • Don’t be afraid of personalization

A little personalization won’t hurt. Personalize your Halloween email template copy by addressing the recipient by name and using details such as their past purchases or interests to make the email more relevant.

  • Highlight special offers

Highlight any special offers or promotions that are relevant to the holiday in your Halloween email copy. The CTA you’ve included should be highlighted in the copy as well, as this will help drive more sales and revenue to your business.

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Halloween Email Templates

Being Too Scary

While Halloween is a spooky holiday, it’s important to remember that not everyone enjoys being scared. Don’t go scaring your audience on all cylinders. Fear is not an emotion people expect to experience when going into their inbox. Avoid using jumpscares or loud noises in your Halloween email templates, as this can turn off some of your audience (or even harm them).

Being Too Generic

Yes, we’ve mentioned some of the classic Halloween attributes in one of the previous points, but the sole fact of using these attributes is not a sign of being generic. You can use these images, just don’t overuse them. Add some specific things and traits that reflect your brand’s personality or values. Make your Halloween email templates truly yours & unique.

Forgetting to Test

Before sending out your Halloween email template, make sure to test it thoroughly. Check that the design looks good on all devices and that all links and buttons work correctly. No one wants to get an email that turns into a mess when opened. 

Overusing Halloween-Related Language

While it’s important to incorporate Halloween-related language into your email, don’t overdo it. Using too many Halloween-related words can make the email feel forced and unnatural and turn it into a parody (of course if this isn’t your initial goal, then it’s fine).

Not Offering Any Value

Make sure that your Halloween email template offers at least some value to your audience. Whether it’s a special offer or a fun activity, make sure that your audience will get something out of dedicating their time for your email.


Halloween email templates are a great way for businesses to connect with their customers during their favorite holiday. They offer numerous benefits, such as standing out, increasing engagement, building brand awareness, promoting seasonal products, and fostering relationships. Halloween email templates will help you optimize your workflow and stand out among your rivals.