Engaging Thanksgiving Emails: From Gratitude to Sales

Thanksgiving, a holiday deeply rooted in tradition, gratitude, and gathering, provides businesses an opportunity to connect with their audience in a genuine, heartfelt manner. Thanksgiving emails allow companies to express gratitude, offer deals, and set the stage for the upcoming holiday season.

Thanksgiving, with its warm hues of gratitude and togetherness, offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect deeply with their audience. Amidst the feasting and festivities, it also serves as a precursor to the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Leveraging this holiday through carefully crafted emails allows companies to stand out in crowded inboxes, weaving a tale of thanks, stories, and promotions. This article provides insights into businesses that can benefit from the occasion, tips on curating compelling Thanksgiving email templates, and design strategies to captivate readers at first glance.

Businesses that Can Benefit from Thanksgiving Emails

A number of businesses can turn the holiday occasion into a significant profit. This includes, but not limited to:

  1. Retailers. With the holiday season around the corner, retailers have the prime opportunity to showcase gift ideas, popular products, and exclusive deals in their Thanksgiving email templates. This isn’t just for the big players: small local businesses can also engage customers by promoting unique products.
  2. Restaurants. Beyond promoting menus, restaurants can share stories behind their Thanksgiving dishes, uncover a family recipe or present a new fusion dish. They can also offer special packages for larger families or introduce a take-away menu for those who prefer celebrating at home.
  3. Service providers. Thanksgiving Day is a chance for service providers to get creative. In their Thanksgiving email templates, a gym might offer a post-Thanksgiving workout routine, a spa might promote relaxation treatments to unwind after the festive hustle, and a tutoring service might introduce a short-term academic booster package before end-of-year exams.
  4. Non-profits. It’s essential for non-profits to share success stories of the year. Thanksgiving email templates can highlight the change they’ve driven, lives they’ve impacted, and lay out plans for the upcoming year. They can also showcase testimonials from those who benefited, providing a personal touch.
  5. Subscription services. Whether it’s a magazine, software, or streaming service, Thanksgiving is a great time to offer curated content. This could be Thanksgiving recipes, themed playlists, or software templates tailored for the season.

Crafting the Perfect Thanksgiving Email Copy

Follow these pieces of advice to create a captivating Thanksgiving email copy that will leave a lasting impression on your subscribers:

  1. Focus on gratitude. Begin with a genuine “Thank You” and share specific instances or milestones your business achieved. Show how grateful you are to your customers for being a part of that journey. Your customers should feel valued, not just as a source of revenue, but as a crucial part of your business family.
    Sakara Thanksgiving Day email with a gif focused on gratitude
  2. Be inclusive. While the theme revolves around Thanksgiving, frame your content to be relatable to a global audience. Remember, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Craft a message that appeals universally, and share the essence of the holiday: gratitude, togetherness, and celebration.
  3. Tie in promotions thoughtfully. Blend offers seamlessly into your Thanksgiving narrative. Instead of a blatant promotion, share a little story in your Thanksgiving email template. For instance, something like “As a token of our gratitude, here’s a special offer…” feels more genuine than just presenting a discount. If you’re offering a sale, ensure it doesn’t overshadow the main message of gratitude.
    Dinnerly Thanksgiving Day email with a thoughtful promotion

Tips for Creating an Engaging Thanksgiving Email Template

These essential tips will help you design an effective Thanksgiving email template:

  1. Personalize your email. Dive deep into personalization when crafting your Thanksgiving email template. For example, use previous purchase data to recommend products or services individually. On top of that, addressing recipients by name can create an intimate connection as well. Personal touches foster loyalty and show customers how important they are for you.
  2. Use storytelling. Share an interesting story in your Thanksgiving email template. For example, narrate the journey of a product from conception to the shelf, or share a story of your employee and what they’re thankful for. You can also share a brief record on your business year: highlighting triumphs, challenges, or growth can resonate with readers on a personal level.
  3. Highlight community or philanthropic efforts. If your business engaged in any charitable acts throughout the year, share them in your Thanksgiving email template. Describe a particular event or initiative in detail and share behind-the-scenes content through pictures or quotes. This showcases your company’s commitment to giving back.
    a Thanksgiving Day email by Leese highlighting their community efforts
  4. Promote limited-time offers. Create a sense of urgency by providing limited-time deals and showcasing them in your Thanksgiving email templates. For additional engagement, you can also build anticipation: instead of revealing the offer immediately, consider a countdown or hints leading up to the big reveal. This can prove to be an effective way to drive sales.
    ibotta Thanksgiving email with a limited-time offer
  5. Keep it mobile-friendly. A significant number of people read emails on their smartphones. With this in mind, it’s crucial to make sure that the design (especially images and CTAs) is optimized for mobile viewing. Ensure responsiveness so that the content is easily viewable on all platforms.
  6. Optimize the subject line. Dive into the psychology of words. Phrases that evoke curiosity, urgency, or exclusivity are less likely to be ignored. Create a stand-out subject line that appeals to your subscribers: “A Special Thanksgiving Treat Just For You!” sounds much more intriguing than just a simple “Thanksgiving Sale”.
  7. Include clear calls-to-action. Whether you want readers to shop a sale, donate, or read a blog post, clear CTAs will guide them to the next step. These can range from more traditional like “Shop Now” to creative and even adventurous. In any case, though, make sure your CTAs are compelling and engaging.
    Casper Thanksgiving email with a clear call-to-action
  8. Segment your email list. Tailor your messages based on customer behavior or demographics. Segmentation can lead to more relevant content for the receiver, thus increasing engagement rates. A loyal customer might appreciate an exclusive deal, while a new subscriber might resonate with an introductory offer.
  9. Test and analyze. Provide an A/B test for different designs, subject lines, or CTAs, and analyze the results. Since the performance can vary based on your audience’s habits, this might help in optimizing future campaigns.
  10. Ask for feedback. Consider incentivizing feedback. For example, offer a small discount for those who participate in a feedback survey. You can also encourage your audience to share their thoughts on your products, services, or the email content itself. This not only increases engagement but also provides invaluable insights from the subscribers’ point of view.

Build Your Best Thanksgiving Email Template Using Blocks

Blocks, our drag-and-drop email designing tool, will help you build outstanding Thanksgiving email templates without special code knowledge. Here are some of the functions that make the process smooth and easy:

  1. Intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With Blocks, designing is as easy as choosing elements and placing them where you want. The no-code environment ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical know-how, can create professional-level email templates.
    a demonstration of Blocks intuitive drag-n-drop interface
  2. Image editor with AI capabilities. Need to enhance, crop, or apply filters to your images? Blocks’ built-in image editor ensures your visuals look perfect. Moreover, the AI image generation feature can suggest and create visuals that align with your content, ensuring a seamless blend of text and graphics.
  3. Responsive design. Blocks ensures that your Thanksgiving email template is responsive, adjusting seamlessly to any screen size. This guarantees that your message looks impeccable, regardless of where it’s viewed.
  4. Custom blocks for personalized touch. While Blocks offers an array of pre-designed elements, there’s room for uniqueness. Create custom blocks tailored to your brand, and store them for future use. This ensures brand consistency and gives your emails a unique, recognizable touch.
  5. Real-time preview & testing. Before sending out your emails, it’s essential to know how they’ll appear to your audience. Blocks offers a real-time preview feature, allowing you to test and tweak your emails. This eliminates any last-minute surprises and ensures a polished final product.


Thanksgiving emails provide businesses with a wonderful opportunity to deepen connections with their audience. While the core of these emails should always revolve around genuine gratitude, they can also serve as strategic tools for promotions, storytelling, and brand-building. As you design your Thanksgiving email, always keep in mind the essence of the holiday: heartfelt connections and genuine appreciation. Craft your message with care, and your audience will undoubtedly appreciate the effort.