Unlock the Reach of Brilliance w/ CleverReach Email Templates

Our email templates are all ready for your CleverReach newsletter! Use our large gallery of email templates that will match all your creative ideas. Try our free plan to generate your CleverReach email campaign in a few minutes: get responsive email templates, no coding skills required.

Use Our Email Templates for CleverReach campaigns! 

CleverReach is an email & marketing automation platform that helps you create targeted email campaigns and track their performance. CleverReach also allows you to segment the audience, integrate your account with other platforms, and send SMS. 

However, there’s no drag-n-drop editor in CleverReach, so you can’t customize email templates as you please and tailor them to your needs. That’s why you should try Blocks for creating CleverReach email templates: it’s easy-to-use and allows you to design HTML emails that are fully compatible with CleverReach!

6 Reasons to Use Blocks for Designing CleverReach Email Templates 

1. Save Your Time and Money on Email Production 

According to Litmus, 44% of teams might spend about 1-2 weeks producing one email, and 52% of them spend at least 2 weeks on the same task. You won’t stay ahead of the competitors if you can’t optimize your resources and produce email templates cheaper and faster. 

That’s where Blocks changes the game! Instead of hiring designers and HTML developers, you can simply choose an email template from our collection, customize it and send via CleverReach! This way, you’ll save money and produce a beautiful email campaign in less than an hour!

2. Create Emails for CleverReach Without Coding 

Are you still struggling with HTML coding? You don’t have to anymore! With our drag-n-drop editor, you can customize your email templates without touching the code! Use structures and atoms to insert new elements to your email: you can add a picture, a CTA button, a GIF, or another element to enhance your email campaign and win more sales. With our CleverReach email templates, you can produce emails cheaper, faster, and without HTML!

However, in case you need to edit the HTML code, Blocks provides this opportunity as well: just open the code editor and customize your template as a pro. You’ll instantly see the changes you’ll be making on your screen. 

3. Get Responsive Email Templates for CleverReach 

Not sure whether your emails display correctly on different devices? With Blocks, you don’t have to worry about it! Our CleverReach email templates look beautiful, no matter the device: be it a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, all the elements of your email will display correctly.

You can easily preview your email before sending it via ClearReach: just start editing it in Blocks and check how the elements are rendered on desktop and mobile devices in a special section. 

4. Reduce Chaos and Stress During Email Development 

Have your multiple projects mixed up? Can’t find the right info on this or that email campaign? You won’t need to worry about it with Blocks! Keep all the info in one place and organize your projects into folders: we’ll store all your data on our servers so you can get access to it anytime. 

You can store all the necessary email elements, pictures, and email templates in one folder and use them in new campaigns when you need it. It’s quick and simple! No need to search for templates and email elements every time you want to produce a new email template.

5. Customize Your Email As You Please 

Need to customize your CleverReach templates? We’ve got you covered! 

CleverReach doesn’t have a built-in drag-n-drop editor, but Blocks does! You can edit and customize your CleverReach email templates in Blocks as you please: add custom elements, dynamic code, buttons, pictures, and more. 

You can also download your own ready-made HTML email template to Blocks and edit it: Blocks will automatically divide it into structures and atoms that can be edited, deleted, or added to an email. 

6. Don’t Worry About the Quality of Your CleverReach Emails 

You can be sure that Blocks generates clean code for you: no unnecessary elements or strange code fragments. Once you edit your email template, you get a beautiful email template that works smoothly on CleverReach and other popular platforms that support HTML. 

Create your first email template with Blocks: it’s free and requires no HTML coding!