Streamline Marketing with Customizable Sendgrid Email Templates

Need a responsive email template for SendGrid but don’t want to deal with HTML code? Don’t waste your resources on hiring designers and coders to create email templates for SendGrid: simply use ready-made HTML templates by our experts! Customize these templates in Blocks no-code drag-n-drop editor and send your campaign!

5 Features That Make Blocks a Perfect Tool for Creating SendGrid Email Templates

Still struggling with creating flawless SendGrid email templates using as few resources as possible? Then Blocks is a perfect solution for you. Our no-code drag-n-drop email editor will help you make email production fast without losing quality. Here are 5 features of Blocks to prove our point.

1. Choose Between Code and No-code

Blocks is a no-code email editor which means that you can master it without any coding skills. To create a flawless SendGrid email template, use a ready-made email template or build your own using structures and elements: Blocks will write the code itself. 

Don’t worry about the quality of the code, there will be no strange pieces and unnecessary elements in it. Our SendGrid email templates are fully compatible with every platform that supports HTML.

However, if you want to edit the code yourself, you’re more than welcome. All you have to do is open the Code section, and you’re all set.

2. Pre-made Structures and Elements 

To style the ready-to-use email template to your need or to build one of your own SendGrid email templates, use pre-made structures and elements. You will find all the components of a perfect SedGrid email template you need: headers, footers, buttons, text elements, images, and so on. 

Drag the elements to change their position in the email and style them as you wish. 

3. All Projects in One Place

It’s a killer feature for all those who are tired of wasting time and energy searching for all the necessary project materials. Blocks allows you to store your projects on our safe servers: divide everything into folders for better navigation, move email templates from one folder into another, and much more. 

4. Mobile-friendly SendGrid Email Templates

If you choose to create your SendGrid email template in Blocks, you can be certain that your emails are safe and sound with us. They will look equally beautiful on every device, be it a mobile, a tablet, or a computer. Blocks also has a preview function that shows how your email will display in mobile and desktop versions:

Mobile preview of a Sedgrid email template created in Blocks

5. Dynamic Elements for Your SendGrid Email Templates

Want to personalize your SendGrid email templates with dynamic elements? Not a problem! Blocks allows you to add dynamic elements to the template and change them to your needs. Keep up with the times and use dynamic elements in your SendGrid email templates with Blocks!

Final words

Speeding up email production and decreasing the cost of emails is our new reality. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, start using Blocks, a no-code drag-n-drop email editor. It’ll be a game-changer.