Reengage Customers with Persuasive Abandoned Cart Email Templates

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Abandoned Cart Email Templates: How to Return Clients

An abandoned cart is an unpaid purchase in an online shop. A person visited a website, put an item into the cart, and left the website without actually purchasing anything.

According to Baymard, in 2022 about 69,99% of items in the carts remain abandoned. It’s even worse with mobile versions where the rate of abandoned carts is 86%.

What Are the Reasons for Cart Abandonments?

According to the same research, almost half of the US users state that they haven’t finished the purchase because they were just looking and didn’t intend to buy anything in the first place. If we leave this option out of the list, some of the main reasons for abandoned carts are the following.

Extra Costs Are Too High ― 49%

People don’t like additional payments like taxes, shipping, fees, and so on. That’s why things like free shipping may help you reduce the number of abandoned carts.

An Account Is Required ― 24%

Every additional step on the way to the purchase makes the customer doubt whether it’s really worth the trouble.

The Delivery Is Too Slow ― 22%

A lot of users leave the website if it fails to load in 3 seconds. So it’s in your best interests to fix this technical issue.

The Website Is Non-trustworthy ― 18%

In the world of phishing attacks and other cyber threats, people get super protective of their credit card details. If you don’t want users to abandon their carts, make sure your website doesn’t look suspicious.

Rules For a Perfect Abandoned Cart Email Template

Just sending a message like “you abandoned your cart” won’t help the situation. When it comes to abandoned cart emails, every little detail matters: a subject line, an email copy, design, the moment of sending. The most important factors here are timeliness, urgency, and importance.

Abandoned Cart Email Copy

Personalize the message as much as you can. Apart from the name, you may also add the customer’s address and some other details. Make sure you sound friendly, otherwise a person may get annoyed.

Tell the subscriber about the benefits of purchasing in your online shop: underline the guarantees, offer free shipping, small gifts, and so on. And don’t forget to write your contacts for feedback.

Design of an Abandoned Cart Email Template

An abandoned cart email template should fit into your brand image and be recognizable. Add high-quality photos of items and a clear CTA button.

Perfect Moment for an Abandoned Cart Email

The moment of sending and the number of abandoned cart emails depend on your niche. If the segment is not expensive, fast reaction matters: from 30 to 60 minutes. It’s likely that the person has the whole sum of money, they just got distracted or decided to compare several offers.

If we talk about expensive items like large household appliances, a customer may postpone the purchase, for example, till the salary. So it’ll be okay if you send your abandoned cart email in 24 hours. A typical chain in this situation consists of 3 emails: 1 day → 3 days → 7 days.

Abandoned Cart Email Templates: Good Examples

One of the easiest things you can do (but it still works!) is to leave a kind reminder that a person abandoned their cart and add some info relevant to the subscriber’s interests. That’s just what Something Navy does:

An abandoned cart email by Something Navy

You may also add some of the benefits a person would get after finishing the purchase like Google Store does:

An example of an abandoned cart email by Google Store

And if you want to increase your chances of returning the customer, make a special offer a person won’t be able to refuse. Here’s a good example of an abandoned cart email by Etsy:

An abandoned cart email with a special offer by Etsy.


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