Re-engagement Emails: Your Tool to Reactivate Subscribers

Are you experiencing a decline in customer engagement? Are your email subscribers not responding to your newsletters as they used to? Inactive subscribers are a common challenge for businesses across the globe. However, rather than seeing them as a lost cause, consider this an opportunity to reconnect and re-engage. A perfect tool for this is the “we miss you” email template.

The Art of Crafting the Perfect Re-engagement Email

A well-crafted ‘we miss you‘ email is more than a simple reminder of your brand. It’s an opportunity to reignite interest, and, if done right, can help you strengthen your customer relationship, boost brand loyalty, and increase your business’s engagement rate. When you’re crafting a re-engagement email campaign, take these details into account:

  • Personalization is key. Effective ‘we miss you’ emails are built on personalization. Utilize your customer data to tailor your messages. Addressing customers by their name and referencing their past interactions with your brand can create a strong emotional connection. For instance, consider saying something like, “Hi Sam, we noticed it’s been a while since you’ve used our design tools.” This establishes that you remember them and care about their activity.
  • Offer an incentive. Your email should give subscribers a compelling reason to re-engage with your brand. This could be a discount code, a free gift, or exclusive access to premium content. Whichever incentive you choose, make sure it’s valuable to your target audience. For example, “We’ve missed your creativity, Sam. Here’s a 20% discount code for your next email design. Use code: MISSYOU20.”
  • Include a clear call-to-action. A re-engagement email should end with a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA). The CTA is designed to encourage subscribers to take the next step, be it visiting your website, exploring a new product, or taking advantage of a special offer. A good CTA example might be, “Revive your creativity now! Click here to get started with your next project.”

6 Reasons to Create Your ‘We Miss You’ Email Template in Blocks

While crafting a ‘we miss you’ email, it’s essential to use the right tools. A tool like Blocks, a no-code, drag-n-drop email builder, is an excellent choice for creating engaging and personalized emails. Here’s why:

  1. Ease of use. With Blocks, creating an email template doesn’t require any coding skills. Its drag-n-drop interface makes it simple to design professional emails by simply moving elements around.
    Blocks drag-n-drop functions in a we miss you email
  2. Collaborative mode. Blocks allows multiple users to collaborate on a single project in real-time. This means your marketing, design, and content teams can all work together to create the most engaging ‘we miss you’ emails.
  3. Image editor. Blocks comes with a built-in image editor, allowing you to edit your photos directly within your workspace. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and even add filters to make your images stand out.
  4. Custom blocks. With the custom blocks feature, you can save your favorite designs and reuse them across different emails. This ensures brand consistency while saving your precious time.
  5. Project storage. Blocks offers a cloud-based project storage system that allows you to save and access your designs anywhere, anytime. So even if you’re away from your primary device, you can still work on your email campaigns.
  6. AI capabilities. With Blocks’ AI image generation and AI assistant, you can automatically generate beautiful images for your emails and get suggestions to optimize your content. This makes creating eye-catching, high-performing emails easier than ever.

We miss you email campaign with an AI generated image in Blocks

Crafting Catchy ‘We Miss You’ Email Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers see when they receive an email. It can be the deciding factor between an opened email or a dismissed one. Hence, a well-crafted, attention-grabbing we miss you email subject line is crucial for your re-engagement email campaign. Here are 15 unique and catchy ‘we miss you’ email subject lines to inspire you:

  • “Hey [Name], we’ve missed your smile!”
  • “Is this goodbye, [Name]?”
  • “Did you forget about us, [Name]?”
  • “It’s been too long, [Name].”
  • “[Name], your presence is requested!”
  • “We’ve noticed your absence, [Name]!”
  • “Still thinking about you, [Name]!”
  • “We saved you a seat, [Name]!”
  • “It’s not the same without you, [Name]!”
  • “Remember us, [Name]?”
  • “[Name], we’re incomplete without you.”
  • “Time for a reunion, [Name]?”
  • “[Name], we’ve got something special for you.”
  • “Your VIP status is at risk, [Name]!”
  • “[Name], here’s a reason to come back.”

Remember, the best we miss you email subject lines are those that are personalized, emotional, and spark curiosity.

15 Tips and Examples for an Engaging Re-engagement Email Campaign

The body of your ‘we miss you’ email should be engaging and convincing. Here are 15 tips and ideas to inspire your re-engagement email campaign:

  1. Highlight the benefits. Remind subscribers of what they’re missing out on by not engaging with your brand. “We’ve added new email design templates that we think you’ll love.”
  2. Personalized deals. Offer a deal based on their previous purchases or interactions. “Enjoy a 30% discount on your favorite design packs.”
    re-engagement email example by Better Brand
  3. Product updates. Share updates about your product or service. “Our email builder now comes with new drag-n-drop features.”
    We miss you email by Product Hunt
  4. Re-engagement gift. Surprise them with a gift. “We miss you so much we’ve added 50 design credits to your account.”
  5. Create urgency. Use time-sensitive offers. “This 40% off coupon expires in 48 hours!”
  6. Use nostalgia. Remind them of their past activity. “Remember the beautiful email campaign you designed last year?”
  7. Customer success stories. Share success stories of other customers. “See how others are succeeding with our email builder.”
  8. Invite to a webinar or event. Invite them to an upcoming event. “Join our free webinar on effective email design.”
  9. Provide valuable content. Share an informative blog post or guide. “Check out our latest guide on creating engaging email content.”
  10. VIP or loyalty program. Invite them to join a VIP program. “Become a Blocks VIP for exclusive benefits.”
  11. Ask a question. Start a conversation. “What can we do to enhance your email designing experience?”
    We miss you email template from Duolingo
  12. Offer help. If they’re facing any issues, offer help. “Facing any challenges with our platform? Our support team is here for you.”

Remember, while these tips and examples should guide you, it’s important to always maintain your brand voice and ensure your content resonates with your audience.

In Conclusion

Remember, inactive subscribers aren’t lost customers: they’re opportunities. Re-engagement email campaigns offer an effective way to reach out to these dormant subscribers, rekindle their interest, and ultimately, drive engagement. Use a tool like Blocks to take your email campaigns to the next level with its user-friendly features and innovative AI capabilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting your perfect ‘we miss you’ email today and watch as your inactive subscribers re-engage with your brand.