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How to Sell Your Products or Services in Welcome Emails

A welcome email is an email that we send to subscribers at the beginning of our relationship to draw their attention and win their trust. People tend to read welcome emails more often, so we may use them to start preparing customers for purchases. Of course, you should design your welcome email templates very subtly. 

What Should Be in a Welcome Email Template

  1. Short info on the company, its advantages, all the necessary instructions: everything that anticipates the clients’ questions and difficulties. 
  2. A motivation to get to know you better: you may tell subscribers about cool tips that make your product/service unique. 
  3. Justified expectations: if you promised to give a discount coupon after the subscription, do it.
  4. A call to action if you send the email to a warm audience. Everything depends on the niche: if you own a clothes shop, a CTA will be appropriate. It may look something like: “Here’s your discount coupon. It’ll be available for 24 hours only, so use it now!” However, if a bank offers their subscribers to get a loan in a welcome email, the readers won’t get the joke. When it comes down to finance, investments, and products of a longer buying cycle, you should use welcome emails to win the client over.

Rules For a Perfect Welcome Email Template

You should start building a strong relationship with clients from the first welcome email. To do that, stick to a set of rules for a great welcome email template:

  1. Send the first welcome email as soon as possible. When a client gives you their email address, it means that they’re really waiting for your email. So don’t wait till they forgive who you are. 
  2. Make your welcome email template catchy: don’t forget about your brand image and unique style. Add an image of a website to the welcome email: it’ll help the subscribers to remember your company.
  3. Speak the client’s language: tell the subscribers about your company in a clear, simple, and captivating way.
  4. If you add a poll, keep it short (1-2 questions), don’t put pressure on your subscribers, and explain why you need them to answer the questions. 
  5. If you make a series of welcome emails, don’t wait for too long to send the next one: the client’s interest may disappear after a few days. Always check the analytics: if a client hasn’t opened the first welcome email, send the same one again. If they still don’t open the emails, try to figure out the reason. When your clients see that you care, it may strengthen your relationship.
  6. If you offer a discount, give it after the client completes the subscription process. Don’t share the discount coupon right on your website. 


15 Universal Welcome Email Subject Lines that Convert

The subject line of a welcome email plays a crucial role in your email marketing strategy. It’s your first direct communication with a new subscriber or customer, acting as a digital handshake.

A compelling subject line increases your email open rates, as it’s the first thing the recipient sees and thus influences their decision to open the email or ignore it. It sets the tone for the relationship, makes a first impression, and can heavily influence whether or not a subscriber becomes a loyal customer. 

Investing time in crafting the perfect welcome email subject line is key to your brand’s email marketing success. If you don’t know where to start, no worries. We’ve created 15 versatile welcome email subject lines that can be effectively used across a variety of industries. Get inspired:

  1. Welcome Aboard! Let’s Get Started.
    This simple yet effective welcome email subject line instills a sense of belonging. The phrase ‘Welcome Aboard’ has a universal appeal, it’s almost like an initiation into a new community. 
  2. Hello, [Name]! We’re Thrilled to Have You.
    Personalization is the key to making your customer feel special. If you use the recipient’s name in the subject line, it can significantly increase the open rate. 
  3. Your Adventure Begins Now.
    This subject line piques curiosity. It’s intriguing, appealing to the adventurous side of your recipients. 
  4. You’re In! Here’s What to Expect.
    This subject line creates an exclusive feel, as though the recipient has gained access to something special. It also sets a clear expectation of what’s inside the email.
  5. Welcome! Let’s Make Magic Happen.
    This subject line is a blend of warmth and inspiration. It includes a call to action, suggesting that joining your community or using your product or service can result in something extraordinary.
  6. Howdy, New Friend! Exciting Times Ahead.
    A more informal and friendly approach can make the recipient feel valued.
  7. Success Starts Here: Welcome to [Your Brand]
    This subject line immediately associates positive emotions with your brand. It’s a strong, confident welcome that exudes authority.
  8. Hello and Welcome! Your Exclusive Offers Await.
    This welcome email subject line offers immediate value and makes the recipient eager to open the email to discover their exclusive benefits.
  9. You’ve Made the Right Choice – Welcome!”
    This subject line reassures the recipient about their decision to join or subscribe. Affirming their choice in the subject line can boost their confidence in your brand.
  10. Welcome! You’re Going to Love This.
    This subject line creates intrigue and anticipation. It promises something valuable or exciting inside the email.
  11. Welcome to the Future with [Your Brand].
    This welcome email subject line is modern and compelling, suggesting that your brand is forward-thinking and innovative. It piques interest about how your brand might shape their future.
  12. You’re Part of the Family Now. Welcome!
    This subject line fosters a sense of community and belongingness, making your brand feel more like a family.
  13. A Warm Welcome to Our World of [Product/Service]
    This welcome email subject line introduces your product or service as an exciting new universe to be explored. 
  14. Welcome! Let’s Unleash Your Potential.
    With this subject line, you’re suggesting that your brand can help the recipient achieve their goals or reach new heights. It promises a transformative experience.
  15. Get Ready for a Game-Changing Journey with [Your Brand]
    This subject line is dynamic and suggests that your brand can deliver a unique, impactful experience. 

Industry-related Welcome Email Subject Lines

If you want to make your first email even more captivating, think about adding an industry-specific welcome email subject line. This way, even if the user doesn’t check their inbox right after they subscribed, they will read the subject line and remember you. 

We’ve gathered some industry-specific welcome email subject lines for such industries as E-commerce, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Hospitality. Let’s start!

E-commerce Welcome Email Subject Lines

In the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, standing out from the competition is crucial. A well-crafted welcome email subject line can help to differentiate your brand and foster a lasting customer relationship.

  1. Welcome to [Brand]! Your Style Journey Begins Here.
    This subject line works excellently for a fashion e-commerce business. It appeals to the customer’s personal style and the anticipation of defining or refining it with your brand. The “journey” suggests ongoing engagement, not a one-time purchase.
  2. You’ve Unlocked A World Of Amazing Deals!
    Bargain hunters love a good deal, and this subject line speaks directly to them. It sets up the expectation of savings, discounts, and deals, driving them to open the email.
  3. Welcome! Your Perfect Home Starts Here.
    Ideal for home and living e-commerce stores. This subject line implies that your brand is the solution to creating the perfect home environment, increasing curiosity about your product offerings.
  4. Say Hello to Your New Favorite Online Store!
    This welcome email subject line confidently positions your brand as the go-to online store for the customer. It’s bold, but it also sparks curiosity about what makes your e-commerce store stand out.
  5. Welcome to [Brand] – Your Gateway to Sustainable Living.
    This subject line would work great for e-commerce stores focusing on eco-friendly products. It communicates your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) and appeals to environmentally conscious customers.

SaaS Welcome Email Subject Lines

In the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, a catchy subject line can boost customer engagement and drive product usage. Here are five industry-specific subject lines to inspire you:

  1. Welcome to [Software Name]! Let’s Boost Your Productivity.
    This subject line suggests that using your software will enhance productivity, a major selling point for many SaaS offerings. It promises a direct benefit and implies an upgrade to their current system or process.
  2. Start Streamlining Your Workflow with [Software Name].
    A subject line like this one speaks directly to a pain point many customers have – inefficient workflows. It promises a solution, prompting customers to open the email to learn more.
  3. [Software Name]: Welcome to Smarter Working.
    This subject line appeals to any business wanting to work smarter, not harder. It positions your software as the smarter choice and prompts curiosity about how this can be achieved.
  4. Unlock Your Team’s Potential with [Software Name].
    This welcome email subject line speaks to decision-makers interested in improving their team’s performance. It offers a glimpse of the transformative power of your software.
  5. Welcome! Your Journey to Seamless [Task/Process] Starts Now.
    This subject line promises a solution to a specific task or process that may be currently challenging for the customer. It’s a direct invitation to discover how your software can make their job easier.

Hospitality Welcome Email Subject Lines

A warm and enticing welcome email subject line can set the tone for a guest’s experience in the hospitality industry. Look at our examples:

  1. “Welcome! Your Dream Vacation Awaits.”
    This welcome email subject line promises a fantastic experience, building anticipation and excitement for the vacation that your hotel, resort, or vacation rental is about to provide.
  2. “Your Suite is Ready! Welcome to [Hotel Name].”
    This line creates a personal and inviting feel. By mentioning that their suite is ready, you create a sense of readiness and eagerness to serve.
  3. “Get Ready for a Culinary Adventure at [Restaurant Name]!”
    It is perfect for a restaurant welcome email. It suggests an exciting dining experience and stirs curiosity about your menu.
  4. “[Hotel Name]: Unwind, Relax, Enjoy.”
    This subject line immediately conveys what guests can look forward to: relaxation and enjoyment. It sets the expectation of a stress-free stay.
  5. “Welcome to [Hotel Name]! Your Exclusive Perks Await.”
    This subject line offers value. When you hint at exclusive benefits, guests are more likely to open the email to see what perks they can enjoy during their stay.

Remember, the perfect subject line is the one that fits your brand’s voice and message best. Test different versions, analyze open rates and adjust based on what works best for your specific audience. This way, you’ll be able to craft the ideal welcome email that resonates with your new subscribers or customers.

How Many Emails Should Be in a Welcome Email Series

Technically, welcome emails greet readers and thank them for the subscription. The first email in a welcome email series should always look like that. Here’s a good example of a welcome email template by Bezar:

Use the second welcome email to send a poll and segment the subscribers. You may also give a discount coupon or some other nice bonus for those who complete your survey.

After that moment, your subscriber may already turn into a client. To strengthen your relationship, you may send 1-2 emails with calls to action or a special product. 

The number of emails in a welcome email series shouldn’t be over four. When the clients get to know you better, start using other types of emails. 

Wrapping up

A welcome email is a good way to tell the subscriber about your company, products, or services, and start building a relationship that will last long. 

Create a catchy welcome email template in Blocks and win your subscribers over!