Apology Email Templates: The Best Way to Say “Sorry”

Email campaigns are an incredible avenue to build lasting relationships with your audience. However, mishaps may occur, and when they do, it’s your responsibility to acknowledge and apologize.

In this article, we explore why you may need to send apology emails, the benefits of using Blocks to create your apology emails, what to avoid when crafting them, and the art of nailing the perfect apology email subject line.

Do I Need to Send Apology Emails to the Subscribers?

Understanding when and why to send an apology email is crucial. A sincere apology can turn a mistake into an opportunity to enhance your relationship with your subscribers. Let’s delve into three scenarios:

  • Incorrect information or broken links. Nothing damages credibility more than sending incorrect information or non-working links to your subscribers. An apology email rectifies this and shows your audience that you’re committed to delivering accurate content.

Apology email example by GOBE

  • Technical glitches. Let’s face it, technology isn’t foolproof. Whether it’s a failed promo code or site downtime during a big sale, technical issues can lead to disgruntled customers. An apology email reassures your audience that you’re addressing the problem.

Example of an apology email by Thread

  • Email overload. Accidentally hitting the “send” button more than once or sending too many emails can be annoying. An apology email lets your subscribers know that you respect their inbox and their time.

Why You Should Create Your Apology Email in Blocks

Building a compelling apology email is no small task, but with Blocks, a no-code drag-n-drop email editor, you can turn this challenging task into a seamless operation. Here’s why Blocks stands out as the prime tool for creating your apology emails:

  1. Template Gallery. With Blocks, you have access to a vast library of pre-made templates that cater to a wide range of communication needs, including apology emails. You don’t need to be a design wizard to whip up a visually appealing email. Choose from countless templates that align with your brand and message, and modify them to your heart’s content. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop!
    Template gallery in Blocks
  2. Clean Code. An unseen, but crucial aspect of email delivery is the code behind your design. Blocks assures you of clean, clutter-free code, eliminating unnecessary elements that can affect your email’s performance. This not only ensures your emails load faster, but it also optimizes them for different devices and email clients, enhancing your subscribers’ reading experience.
  3. Countdown timers. If you’re considering an exclusive offer or discount as part of your apology, Blocks provides a handy feature: countdown timers. Create a sense of urgency and excitement, compelling your subscribers to take action. An apologetic gesture combined with a limited-time offer can be a powerful tool in regaining your subscribers’ trust.
  4. Image editor and AI image generation. Graphics play a vital role in email communication. With Blocks, you have an in-built image editor, allowing you to tweak visuals right there in your email. Even more impressive, Blocks provides AI-powered image generation. Just feed in your requirements, and watch as the AI churns out stunning, contextually relevant visuals. It’s a surefire way to make your apology emails stand out and resonate with your audience.

Apology email created in Blocks

Apology Email Subject Lines

Your apology email subject line is the first thing your subscribers see when they open their inboxes. We’ve crafted 10 perfect subject lines for apology emails that will make your subscribers forget about your mistake: 

  • “Oops, we goofed. Here’s our mea culpa.”
  • “Our apologies, we dropped the ball.”
  • “We’re sorry, let’s make it up to you.”
  • “Mistakes happen. We’re fixing ours.”
  • “We owe you an apology.”
  • “Our bad. Here’s what we’re doing about it.”
  • “We messed up. Your benefit!”
  • “Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re on it.”
  • “Please accept our apologies and this token of goodwill.”
  • “Your patience is appreciated, [Subscriber’s Name]. We’re sorting it out.”

Choose any of these subject lines for apology emails and add to your email campaign: you’ll like the result.

7 Things to Avoid in Your Apology Emails

Crafting an apology email is a delicate dance, and it’s easy to trip over common pitfalls. Let’s explore seven key areas to focus on to ensure your apology hits the right notes:

  • Dodge responsibility. It can be tempting to sidestep blame or minimize the issue, but this can damage trust. Accept responsibility, show that you understand why your subscribers are upset, and make it clear you’re sincerely sorry.
  • Use of complex language. The goal is to convey your apology clearly and sincerely. Complex language and jargon can obscure the message and come off as insincere. Keep your language simple, accessible, and honest.
  • Failure to provide a resolution. An apology should always be paired with a solution. How are you addressing the issue? What steps are you taking to prevent a repeat? Offering a clear resolution shows your subscribers that you’re proactive and committed to providing the best experience.
  • Generic messaging. Personalize your apology emails. An apology that feels mass-produced can be off-putting. Blocks allows you to easily integrate personalization tokens, ensuring each subscriber feels individually recognized and valued.
  • Inappropriate subject line. Subject line for an apology email needs to be a clear signal of the email’s content. A misleading or unrelated apology email subject line might lead your email to be ignored or, worse, marked as spam. Make it clear from the get-go that this is an apology, showing respect for your subscribers’ time.
  • Neglecting design. While content is key, don’t underestimate the power of good design. Use Blocks to create clean, visually pleasing layouts that make your message easy to digest. The right visuals can help soften the blow of the apology and create a more positive interaction.
  • Unclear Call-to-Action. What should your subscribers do next? Make this crystal clear. Whether it’s a discount offer, a survey link to give feedback, or a simple confirmation of their subscription, ensure your call-to-action is prominent and engaging.
  • Being late. Timing is crucial when sending an apology email. The sooner you acknowledge your mistake and apologize, the more sincere and transparent your brand appears.

With these expanded insights, you can ensure that your apology emails are not only crafted expertly but also strike the right chord with your subscribers.


An apology email isn’t just about saying “sorry”. It’s a strategic communication tool that, when used right, can strengthen your relationship with your subscribers. Don’t shy away from owning up to mistakes – use Blocks to create thoughtful, sincere, and effective apology emails that resonate with your subscribers. Remember to avoid common pitfalls and nail the perfect subject line. As the adage goes, “In business, it’s not about making a mistake, it’s about how you handle it”.